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Spirax Sarco

BPS Supply Group is an authorized distributor of Spirax Sarco steam solutions. Spirax Sarco offers a complete range of steam traps to ensure you can select the perfect trap for your application.

Each steam application has its own steam trap requirements.  Selecting the right steam trap for your application could have a significant, positive impact on your process, potentially improving efficiency, reducing energy costs and giving you a safer working environment.  Browse our online catalog below and contact your local BPSSG Sales Representative to learn more!

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$584.00 /ea
Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco 0190192 1/2 VB21 Vacuum Breaker, Stainless Steel, PMO 300 PSIG

Product ID: 259002
MFR #: 0190192
$369.00 /ea
Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco 0293691 LCV1 Lift Check Valve, 2 in, NPT, Bronze Body

Product ID: 258962
MFR #: 0293691
Currently unavailable for online ordering.
$101.00 /ea
$101.00 /ea
$106.00 /ea
$651.00 /ea
$883.00 /ea
$1,063.00 /ea
Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco 0666790 FT14 Ball Float Steam Trap, 1-1/2 in, NPT, 220 deg C, 145 psi, Cast Iron

Product ID: 258992
MFR #: 0666790
$2,964.00 /ea
$563.00 /ea
Currently unavailable for online ordering.
Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco SPIRA-tec® 0863561 ST17 Right Hand Sensor Chamber, 1 in NPT, Ductile Iron

Product ID: 258963
MFR #: 0863561
$338.00 /ea
$80.00 /ea
$122.00 /ea
$1,745.00 /ea
$90.00 /ea
Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco 0232691 S2 Separator, 1-1/2 in, NPT, 145 psig, Domestic

Product ID: 177148
MFR #: 0232691
$823.00 /ea
$1,894.00 /ea
$1,529.00 /ea
$2,051.00 /ea
$581.00 /ea
$825.00 /ea
Currently unavailable for online ordering.

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