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U.S. Government Section 232 Investigation; Potential Effect on Pricing

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To Our Valued Customers:


Re: U.S. Government Section 232 Investigation; potential effect on pricing


The United States Government, through the U.S. Department of Commerce, will soon release a report of its findings related to recent investigations under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, with respect to the steel industry. The result of the investigation, which is unknown at this time, has the potential to affect not only imported steel, but price and availability of domestic producers as well.


We pledge to work with all our customers to minimize any potential disruption of our joint business. We do want to make you aware however, as a result of the foregoing investigation and the uncertainty associated with it, that certain disruptions may occur. We trust that you will take this opportunity to communicate within your organization the possibility of supply disruptions.


Disruptions to the supply chain may be subject to suspension, cancellation, reduction in quantity, changes in delivery date, or price changes.


BPS will keep you informed of any decision relating to the Section 232 investigation process as the situation becomes clearer.


We appreciate your understanding as our industry determines the ultimate impact of this event.


If you would like to read further, please see the following link:




Dan Byrum

President, BPS


For a PDF of the above notice, please click here: Section 232 Letter to Customers


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