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Actuation & Valves

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The Engineered Products division of BPS Supply Group can customize valves and actuators to meet your system requirements.




ASCO Valves

Innovative, creative, & state-of-the-art leader for the control of fluids, combining over 100 years of experience with high technology. Manufacturer of solenoid valves, position indicators, process control pilot valves, process automation and bus communication, pneumatic and air preparation, sensors and pressure/ temperature switches, Navy/ marine solenoid valves, and Nuclear products.

BALON Valves

Balon has secured a distinguished reputation as an unprecedented innovator of design advances that have become industry standards in ball, check and needle valves. Balon valves are designed to give superior performance in the field, built for the rugged and demanding oil and gas applications, and proven with millions of valves in the field that are dependable and capable of indefinite maintenance-free service life.

Cameron Valves

Manufacturer of Demco butterfly valves, Nutron ball valves, W-K-M floating ball valves and trunnion ball valves, W-K-M DynaCentric high performance butterfly valves used in a variety of applications covering a wide range of industries including chemical and petrochemical, agriculture, oil and gas, food and beverage, water and wastewater, HVAC, power, mining, dry bulk handling and marine service.


Cam-Line® - Plastic-lined trunnion ball valves. Cam-Tite® - High performance top entry ball valves. Dia-Flo® - Industrial diaphragm valves. Fabri-Valve® - Stainless steel metal seated and resilient (D-ring and Perimeter Style) knife gate valves, slide gate valves, and wedge gate valves. All of the valves offered by ITT can be supplied with a variety of manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuation.

Orbinox Valves

Stainless steel metal seated and perimeter resilient seated knife gate valves, slide gate valves, tilting disc check valves, sampling valves, wedge gate valves, wall and channel penstock valves. Special materials, sizes, and configurations are available and all valves can be provided with manual, and all valves can be provided with manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuation.

Tricentric Valves

Triple offset, metal seated, extended performance butterfly valves – the unique seat design provides exceptional performance and dependability over a broad range of applications and service conditions. Tricentric valves provide positive sealing performance from vacuum to 1500 PSI and at temperatures from -425F to +1500F.

XOMOX Valves & Actuators

Tufline sleeved and fully lined plug valves – standard port, full port, 3-way, 4-way and 5-way valves, and severe service valves for hazardous media and extreme thermal cycling. Xomox high performance butterfly valves, resilient seated and triple offset butterfly valves and unlined and fully lined ball valves. Saunders: Glass-lined, rubber-lined, plastic-lined and unlined/alloy industrial diaphraghm valves.




Paladon Total Valve Control

Approved by nearly all major oil and gas companies, Paladon Systems has over 30 years global experience providing rugged pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn and linear valve actuators for onshore, offshore, and subsea applications. Coupled with a comprehensive offering of bespoke on/off and positioning valve control system solutions including pneumatic, hydraulic, partial stroke testing, gas-over-boil, direct gas, electro-hydraulic, and HIPPS packages, Paladon Systems is Total Valve Control.

Bettis Valve Actuators

Electric valve actuators and controls - Bettis TorqPlus actuators are specifically designed for quarter-turn operating applications – ball, butterfly and plug valves; TorqPlus actuators are available in a wide range of output torques and operating speeds.

El-O-Matic Electric Actuators

Pneumatic and electric actuators – El-O-Matic E&P Series pneumatic actuators offer high quality and reliable performance. Available in 24 double acting and spring return models from 30 to 120 psig air supply. El-O-Matic ELS, EL, and EL Extended Series electric actuators offer optimum performance under the most demanding on/off and regulating conditions and offer a choice of three designs for small, medium or large-size valves.




Quality premium valve position indicators, rotary limit switches, valve monitoring systems and valve positioners for automated valves. All products are designed to outperform in the severe and corrosive services found in the process industries, providing a longer service life and lower operating costs over the life of the product while increasing safety for field personnel.


Manufacturer of pressure gauges, temperature instrumentation, regulators and control valves.


Westlock is a leader in providing innovative solutions for the networking, monitoring and control of proccess valves. With a focus on technology and supplying reliable products manufactured to the highest industry standards, Westlock is the preferred choice by the world's leading process companies and a trusted partner for developing even better solutions in the future.



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