Pipe Cutting, Threading, Grooving & Bevels

Pipe Beveling

Factory-Type Bevels

We can do a factory-type bevel on 2" through 8" pipe, and a torch bevel on pipe 10" and larger.

Pipe Grooving

Pipe Grooving

Our shop is able to roll groove pipe in sizes 4" through 24" (up to 20' lengths), and cut groove sizes 2" and 3″.

Pipe Cut to Length

CNC Bandsaw Cut

Our CNC band saw can cut up to 24" pipe.

Pipe Torch Cut

Torch Cut

Torch-cut for larger diameter pipe.

Pipe Threading

Pipe with Thread Ends

For pipe with threaded ends, our Rothenberger machine is available to thread 1/2" through 4" pipe.

Pipe Coating

Wrapping, Coating & Cement Lining

BPS can provide wrapped, coated or cement-lined pipe for your application. Options for both OD and ID are available.

In need of cut-to-length pipe, end-preparation or coating services?

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