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Victaulic® C160232S43 232 Type 2 1-Segment C Class Restrained Flexible Coupling, 16 in

Victaulic® C160232S43 232 Type 2 1-Segment C Class Restrained Flexible Coupling, 16 in

  • Manufacturer: Victaulic
  • Brand Name: Victaulic®
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  • MPN: C160232S43
  • UPC: 883481931007
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Victaulic® bolted split-sleeve products (VBSP) style 232 carbon steel couplings (formerly Depend-O-Lok FxF) provide a fully restrained, flexible pipe joint that satisfies the requirements set forth by the AWWA C227 standard for bolted, split-sleeve restrained and non-restrained couplings for plain-end pipe. This style of coupling creates a restrained joint commonly used in buried or exposed pipe applications for field joint connections where joint flexibility and thrust restraint is required. Typical applications include water and wastewater treatment pipelines, force main and water transmission piping, slurry lines, penstocks and other piping applications that require a restrained, flexible connection. The coupling provides ease of installation and comes standard with an epoxy coating for protection against corrosion. The use of a heat-shrink sleeve or tape system can be used with minimal effort due to the low profile configuration. The dual-arched coupling body houses O-ring gaskets that provide the radial seal around the circumference of the pipe, while a sealing plate provides for the axial seal across the coupling body and pipe joint. The style 232 coupling incorporates a restraint ring welded to each pipe end (furnished with the coupling) allowing the coupling housing to straddle the restraint rings and confining the rings under the coupling body in order to create a fully restrained joint. The coupling housing and restraint ring welds are designed to accommodate hoop stress and end loads to meet system pressure requirements. Style 232 restrained flexible couplings also perform at negative pipe pressures up to full vacuum. The O-ring gasket is not pressure responsive and therefore does not require internal pipe pressure to assist with the seal. The arched cross-sectional design provides stiffness to resist forces encountered during negative pressure (submerged) or vacuum service. Style 232 couplings are available in standard nominal sizes from 8 to 144 in/200 to 3600 mm with larger sizes available based on design and application requirements. The style 232 restrained coupling can accommodate operating pressures up to 400 psi/2750 kPa (with higher pressure available) depending on the actual pipe diameter and wall thickness. For pressures and sizes not shown in the dimension and performance tables contact Victaulic® for information on our engineered products. Victaulic® restrained couplings provide a flexible pipe connection and are not designed or intended to transfer significant shear or bending loads across the pipe joint. Therefore, a single coupling will not allow for differential settlement to occur at the joint. However, a minimum of two flexible couplings designed to allow dynamic (in-service) deflection and installed in combination, can be used to accommodate differential settlement at a pipe joint or between a pipeline and a structure. Victaulic® recommends style 233/233S couplings for this purpose as they are specifically designed to allow for dynamic deflection and provide thrust restraint at the joint. Refer to publications 60.07 and 60.08 for product details and 26.20 for guidelines regarding the use of these couplings in differential settlement applications. All flexible bolted spit-sleeve couplings require proper support to eliminate undesirable loads at the joint. Pipe support requirements are defined within the application guidelines document.

Victaulic® Flexible Coupling, Type 2 1-Segment C Class Restrained, Series: 232, Fitting/Connector Type: Coupling, 16 in Nominal, 3/16 in Thickness, 200 psi Pressure, Carbon Steel, -30 to 230 deg F, 10-1/2 in W, Domestic

Dimensions      :      10-1/2 in W
Domestic/Import      :      Domestic
Fitting/Connector Type      :      Coupling
Material      :      Carbon Steel
Nominal Size      :      16 in
Pressure Rating      :      200 psi
Series      :      232
Temperature Rating      :      -30 to 230 deg F
Thickness      :      3/16 in
Type      :      Type 2 1-Segment C Class Restrained
  • pdfInstruction/Installation Manual https://externalassets.unilogcorp.com/ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Victaulic_C100232S29_Manual.pdf
  • pdfSpecification Sheet https://externalassets.unilogcorp.com/ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Victaulic_C100232S29_Specification_Sheet.pdf
  • pdfWarranty Information https://externalassets.unilogcorp.com/ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Victaulic_A010AQBNAP_Warranty.pdf