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This week's featured category is Wye Strainers.

More items added to the web portal this week:

Spirax SarcoAir Eliminators0170390ELIMINATOR AIR 1/2 X 1/4IN MNPT X FNPT
Spirax SarcoAir Vents62094VNT AIR THM 3/4 IN NPT 250 PSIG OPRTG CI
Spirax SarcoBackflow Preventers0190190BRKR VAC 1/2 X 1/8 IN NPT BRS 210 PSIG
Spirax SarcoBalanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam Traps1801290TRP STM THM PRES BAL 3/4 IN NPT 316L SS
Jomar Valve®Ball Valves100-964VALVE BALL 3/4IN NPT SST FULL SST 2.99IN
Jomar Valve®Ball Valves100-707VALVE BALL 1-1/2IN FNPT BRS FULL IMPORT
Spirax SarcoBall Valves3397315VALVE BALL 3/4IN NPT CS REDUCED BORE SST
Parker®Barb Fittings68HB-12-8CONNECTOR HOSE-TO-PIPE 3/4X1/2IN 7/8IN
Spirax SarcoBimetallic Steam Traps0763062TRAP ST 1IN SKT WLD 662DEG F 464PSIG CS
BrassCraft®Brass Pipe Fittings224-4ELBOW ST 45 DEG ELB 1/4IN MNPT X FNPT
Parker®Brass Pipe Fittings219P-2PLUG H HEX CTSK PLUG 1/8IN MALE PIPE BRS
Penn MACHINECarbon Steel Forged Pipe Fittings300810650201THREAD-O-LET 1-1/2IN NPT 6000LB 36-6IN
BillcoCarbon Steel Pipe FittingsAB 100X050BUSHING PIPE CS 1/2 X 1IN MNPT X FNPT
BillcoCarbon Steel Pipe FittingsHG.025PLUG 1/4IN FLARE BRS
Spirax SarcoClean Steam Air Vents1232190VNT AIR THM 3/4 IN NPT 102 PSIG OPRTG
Spirax SarcoClean Steam Filter Elements1852090ELMT FLTR STM CLN 2 IN NPT SS CSF16
Spirax SarcoClean Steam Sanitary Sample Coolers4037990VLV INL SAMPLE 1/4IN NPT SS
Parker®Compression Fittings68C-6-4CONNECTOR COMPRESSION ADPTR 3/8 X 1/4IN
Parker®Compression Fittings60C-8SLEEVE TB 1/2IN COMP BRS SLV 0.38IN L
Spirax SarcoCondensate Recovery Parts & AccessoriesCBP61COND & BF SYSTEM MECH SEAL KT
Spirax SarcoCondensate Recovery Parts & Accessories66160CVR & CMPLT MCHNSM ASSY CI
Jomar Valve®Dielectric Unions701-404UNION DIEL 3/4IN BI FNPT STL 1.83 IN A/F
Parker®Flare Fittings14FS-8-6NUT TUBE REDUCING 1/2X3/8IN 15/16IN
Parker®Flareless Fittings8 OBI2-BTEE BR TUBE-TO-PIPE 0.81IN 1500PSI BRS
Spirax SarcoFloat & Thermostatic Steam Traps50933TRP STM THM 1 IN FNPT 450 DEG F OPRTG CI
Parker®Hydraulic Couplings3050-2COUPLING QUICK HC 1/4-18 MALE NPTF HP
Parker®Hydraulic Elbows1/8 DD-SELBOW PIPE TO TUBE 1/8-27 FEM NPTF STL
Spirax SarcoSteel Liquid Drain Traps61885TRP DRN LIQ 1/2 IN NPT 6.1 IN L 150 PSI
Jomar Valve®Swing Check Valves105-208GVALVE CHECK SWG 2IN SLDR JT 125LB YES H
KeckleyY-Type Pipe Strainers21THY-BCM20M34-FTI-FSTRAINER WYE 2IN 7-1/2IN FNPT FBR IMPORT
KeckleyY-Type Pipe Strainers3/81THY-BCM20M34-FTI-FSTRAINER WYE 3/8IN 3-3/16IN FNPT FBR BRZ
Spirax SarcoY-Type Pipe Strainers75022STRAINER WYE 1/2IN 2.55IN NPT PTFE TSSY


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